Andrew Green lives in Swansea (Abertawe) in south Wales. From 1975 to 2013 he was employed as a librarian and information director.  For over 14 years he was the Librarian of the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, and before then worked in university libraries and information services in Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Sheffield and Swansea.  For more detail look in the brief biography.

Why ‘gwallter’?  Gwallter is the Welsh form of one of Andrew’s many forenames (Walter).  In 2009 he was elected as an honorary member of  Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain, and adopted ‘Gwallter Bach’ as his bardic name.  ‘Bach’ is appropriate for someone short of stature, but ‘Gwallter Bach’ refers also to one of his favourite Chicago blues musicians, the harmonica player Little Walter.

Andrew has served on many public bodies, speaks in the public and the media, and has published widely on topics including libraries, knowledge and the digital world.