A painting by Vivienne Williams

January 16, 2017 1 Comment

1          Jug

You know me well enough, so you think –
White, sure, handle as a band,
Standing just where I was put.
You think you have me taped.

You’ve the advantage of greater height,
Enough to see my inside’s cool blue.
I sense it gives you comfort, simple me
Answers to your need for tranquillity.

But in truth I’ve nothing to tell you.
Nothing passes my tightlip mouth,
The carats scratched on my side
Are mute as troops before battle.

2          Dark vessel

Me, I’m more of a riddle – dark
And formless, Jug’s doppelganger.
Or am I unreal, only a shadow
Taking in light, letting none out?
But then, why’s that thin grey ghost
Vibrating like an eggshell at my foot?

3          Table

I’m the sat-upon type, easily missed,
My dusty surface untidy
Since your father,
Master-polisher, died.

Now you can pass me by.
Except, look,
Beyond my far edge,
See that thin knifeblade
Of blue shading to black,
Outside the house of us domestics,
Deep, uncontained space.

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  1. Lis says:

    What a delight to come across this Andrew. For me it captures much of the experience of letting the eye be caught by one of Vivienne’s works: every time a new layer, trace or glimpse of hidden colour. And so full of life! I hope there will be more poems inspired by her painting.

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