Croeso, Ioan Tran, welcome!

October 24, 2015 3 Comments


A long bare road, Ioan bach, you’ve tramped,
Dark months at sea, to meet us in this flash
Of sudden day. You fled the lost land, and camped
On deck through China, Red and Middle seas, dashed
By Biscay storms to ground on Scottish stones.
Picked up the accent, trekked south in Pennine rain
(Millstone grit an imprint on your bones)
And west to green Wales, a gift of laughter and a name.
Now at last you’re here in London’s brick-red glow,
Bright since the Romans with roaring streets, and screech,
And fog and flame. But soon you’ll learn to know
An ache to sail on west again, to reach
Your Aztec dream, a soil to plant and settle,
Your Yucatan, your Popocatepetl.


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  1. rita tait says:

    Is this beautiful welcome to a new member of the Green family? How lovely …..

    Oh, we had lunch at the HarbourMaster Friday with Gareth & Margaret Bevan. Such nice people. You were mentioned in dispatches.

  2. David Jones says:

    A lovely poem! My second granddaughter was born earlier in the same year. What must it be like to emerge newly born into the world, after the safety of one’s mother’s womb?

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